British Hemp Association 1st Networking Event

Educate,Lobby, Connect

The hemp industry in the UK is growing faster than anyone had ever anticipated and in the last few years we have seen major changes in the law and in peoples perception about the forbidden plant. This has given rise to the hundreds of small and medium businesses which now find themselves at the forefront of an emerging industry.

This daring entrepreneurs  are now on the commercial highway of a sector that has been carefully walking on the sidewalk for many years. It was therefore about time someone pulled everyone together in the same room and got them talking to each other.

So what was 1st the British Hemp Association networking event like?

One word. Awesome and we have the pictures to prove it.

Held in West London ,W8 at the Ecofetes Studio, the event itself was SOLD OUT a few days in advance and when i got there the place was already packed with the most creative bunch of people that the industry has to offer.

We got chatting to CBD and Hemp producers, retailers,wholesalers as well as future manufacturers and growers . There were some very prominent members of the close knit community from patient groups like the UPA and the UKCSC as well as the old school original hemp entrepreuners such as the Hemp trading company THTC and so many other familiar faces. 

The BHA say that they are a coalition of hemp companies representing every link of the product chain, from seed to shelf. However from what i ve experienced they are much more than that. They offer a place where hemp cannabis businesses can find help and support as well as a way to connect with like minded people and expand their business opportunities 

Educate ,Lobby and Connect are the main goals of the BHA and i cant wait to see what’s coming up next. 

Check out the pics below and link up with the BHA fb page here

Direct website link at

Images by Ben Sage of Hemp in Focus 

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