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Illinois Lawmaker Introduces Psychedelics Legalization Bill

Illinois Lawmaker Introduces Psychedelics Legalization Bill
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An Illinois state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would legalize psychedelics including psilocybin, the primary psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms, for therapeutic use. The bill, dubbed The Compassionate Use and Research of Entheogens (CURE) Act, was introduced by Democratic state Representative La Shawn Ford on Wednesday.  The bill, which Ford unveiled on the opening day of the new legislative session in Illinois, would create a regulated psychedelic therapy program that would be overseen by an advisory committee. The measure, which has been designated as House Bill 1 (HB1), also removes the criminal penalties for the personal use of psilocybin, a provision Ford said in a statement was needed to protect patients and providers. Ford noted that while existing criminal prohibitions on the drugs are rarely enforced, “formally removing them ensures that patients won’t be turned into criminals simply for seeking health, healing and wellness.” “I’ve been seeing more and more legitimate scientific evidence, including information coming from the FDA, showing that psychedelic therapy is not only safe, but also very effective, particularly for the toughest patients for whom other treatments have not worked,” Ford said in a press release about the legislation. “At the same time, I am also hearing from patients and from their medical providers, that Illinoisans should have access to these exciting new treatment options.” HB 1 Legalizes Psychedelic Therapies in Illinois Under the legislation, adults aged 18 and up will be permitted to seek supervised psychedelic therapy from trained facilitators. Psychedelic compounds used under the program must be produced and tested at licensed facilities. Ford stressed that while the measure legalizes possession of psychedelics, it does not authorize any type of commercial sales of entheogenic compounds. “I want to be clear that this is a health measure. My proposal does not allow retail sales of…

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