Cannabis and pregnancy: what the latest research says

Cannabis and pregnancy: what the latest research says
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The short- and long-term effects of prenatal cannabis use on both parent and child are still poorly understood. New research from North America sheds light on this sensitive topic.  Some people consume cannabis during pregnancy to alleviate symptoms such as nausea, stress, insomnia, and pain (to name a few). Cannabis is also used to treat pregnant people who have pre-existing conditions including MS and epilepsy. But a growing body of research, albeit still very limited in scope, suggests that cannabis use during pregnancy and breastfeeding could lead to lower birth weights, higher preterm birth rates, and other physical and neurological outcomes for both pregnant person and child.  We explore the reasons why women may choose to consume cannabis medicinally during pregnancy in more detail here  As legal cannabis becomes more mainstream for medicinal and recreational purposes, it’s important to further examine the complex relationship between cannabis use and pregnancy. More than half of people in the UK and Europe now support legalising adult use cannabis—with Germany recently announcing intentions to legalise within the next couple of years—and a green wave of cannabis legalisation continues to roll across the United States. The collective value of the CBD, medical cannabis, and adult-use cannabis markets is expected to almost double globally from US$45 billion in 2022 to more than US$101 billion by 2026.  Three new studies, two based in the US and one in Canada, add to the evolving body of research on cannabis use during pregnancy. One study looks at connections between cannabis use and birth outcomes amongst pregnant people in Canada, and the other two explore how proximity to legal cannabis in Northern California, and how different cannabis policies across the US (respectively), could increase the likelihood of using cannabis while pregnant.  It’s worth noting that cannabis is not a monolith;…

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