Beauty Brands Start to Embrace the Future

Beauty Brands Start to Embrace the Future
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In my long career in the beauty industry—from celebrity hairstylist and colorist to licensed cosmetologist to beauty columnist and editor for numerous magazines—I’ve always been open to THC as a healing agent, as long as I didn’t get high from it. But when I saw how it transformed topical wounds on my body in a Matrix-style metamorphosis, cannabis took on a whole new meaning to me. Yes, commonly used ointments and balms to minimize pain and inflammation (whether it be muscle relief, burns, ulcers or even cancers) have a place in contemporary anti-aging skincare because they assist in tightening, lifting and energizing the skin. Also, these products minimize the depigmentation of scarring and deduction of free radicals that can be at the root of aging, sagging and hollowing skin on our faces. The Emergence of THC Skincare In the exploding hemp/CBD/CBG universe of luxury skincare, each year feels like a leap year with the sheer number of brands and products that have fully embraced these components as critical to their current offerings. As challenging as it may be to find beauty brands that fully embrace higher levels of THC in their products now, I was similarly struggling to find beauty companies that incorporated CBD in their consumer-facing products as late as a few years ago. But as with CBD, the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry is gradually catching on to the other wonders of cannabis, or the higher levels of THC. With the cannabis laws changing favorably and rapidly state by state—and with skincare companies concurrently increasing production in their topical and ingestible offerings—beauty brands are slowly adapting and carving out their spot in what’s become a super crowded CBD anti-aging skincare marketplace. While many regard their personal experiences with CBD or cannabis as more highly effective at cell recovery, cell turnover…

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