Medicinal cannabis in Spain: inside the country’s first ‘cannabis clinic’

Medicinal cannabis in Spain: inside the country’s first ‘cannabis clinic’
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With draft regulations for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis in Spain expected imminently, we explore the existing grey market and meet those bridging the gap to help patients access the treatment safely. Last year the Spanish government took a significant step towards legalising medicinal cannabis for a number of health conditions through the country’s public health system. A bill introduced by The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party was given the green light from parliament in June. It aims to allow access to medical cannabis through hospitals and health centre pharmacies via medical specialists for a number of different conditions, including endometriosis and multiple sclerosis-related pain, epilepsy and symptoms related to chemotherapy and cancer pain.  Hope is on the horizon for more than three million people who are thought to use cannabis for medicinal purposes in Spain.  The current landscape in Spain  Cannabis in Spain is a grey area. Personal possession and cultivation of the plant are largely decriminalised, but regulations and interpretations of the law can vary throughout the municipalities, and the sale and importation of any quantity of cannabis containing THC is a criminal offence. Only around six companies have been issued with licences from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Products (AEMPS) to produce medical cannabis for export to other European countries, while 15 hold research and development licences.  In tourism hotspots such as Barcelona, visitors queue up to join ‘cannabis clubs’, located behind unassuming doors around the city. Once inside they can peruse a menu of strains such as ‘orange crush’ and ‘Zkittlez’ and order hot chocolates or ice tea to sip while they smoke.  Meanwhile patients have no access to legal, regulated products that are prescribed under the guidance of a health professional. Some patients turn to these clubs and user associations, which have gradually cropped…

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Source : Medicinal cannabis in Spain: inside the country’s first ‘cannabis clinic’

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