France lifts ban on CBD flower sales

France lifts ban on CBD flower sales

The end of 2022 saw another breakthrough for the CBD Industry, with the ban on the sale of CBD flower in France being overturned by the Council of State. On 29 December 2022, the French government authorised the sale and consumption of CBD flower and leaves, stating that as it is not a risk to public health, there is no need to prohibit it. “The harmfulness of other molecules present in cannabis flowers and leaves, in particular CBD, has not been established,” the Council argued and added that according to scientific data, CBD has “relaxing properties and anticonvulsant effects, but does not have a psychotropic effect and does not cause dependence.” When challenged by the argument that the ban could potentially compromise the war against drugs and make it impossible for law enforcement to distinguish between plants with and without psychoactive effects, the Council stated that rapid tests could help officers quickly identify the level of THC in a product, discerning whether it is legal. The 2021 ban After the European Court of Justice declared in November 2020 that the prohibition on CBD in France was unlawful under the principle of free movement of goods, the French Court of cassation ruled in June 2021 that any CBD manufactured legally in the EU could be sold in France. On 30 December 2021, France legalised the sale of CBD-containing products with a THC content of no more than 0.3%. While this was good news, they unfortunately, took an additional step, banning importing, exporting, selling and using CBD flower and leaves, which are similar to regular cannabis in form and appearance. However, unlike traditional cannabis, CBD is no longer regarded as a psychotropic. The ban came into effect in 2021 after only two small studies suggested that the risk of CBD is unknown,…

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