Video: Woman Caught Red-Handed Stealing Tips from Cannabis Store

Video: Woman Caught Red-Handed Stealing Tips from Cannabis Store
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A woman shopping at a cannabis store in Canada was made famous on Facebook after being caught on cam stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of tips from the tip jar. Cannabis normally brings about the spirit of giving in most people, however, that’s not the case for petty thieves like the one caught recently. Mariana Wolff, owner of Cannabis Cottage in Penticton, British Columbia in Canada, is fed up with brazen thieves, including the latest one who went after her budtender’s hard-earned tip money. Wolff caught the act on camera and shared footage of the incident on Facebook on Tuesday, Jan. 3. Castanet News reports that the woman grabbed the jar, stuffed it inside her coat, and held it there. In the video, it appears the store worker is trying to reason with the woman to give it back. As Cannabis Cottage locks up the majority of its inventory at all times—like many other cannabis stores in Canada—it normally isn’t the target of crime since opening in 2019. Comments for the video on YouTube were disabled.

Penticton Valley News reports that Wolff is frustrated with the way budtenders are treated, culminating in this most recent incident. Crimes in recent years have worsened to become more brazen. “Unfortunately, this isn’t a surprise,” Wolff told Black Press. “It’s been noticeably more prevalent over the last couple of years around town.” Wolff chose not to report the incident to police with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), but instead posted it on Facebook to let the local community do the rest. That alone should be punishment enough. “It’s such a petty theft and [the police] already have so many that they already deal with,” Wolff said. “It would just be one more little thing on their plate so it’s easier for…

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