I’m an Average Dude in His Mid-30s. Can Weed Help Me at the Gym?

I’m an Average Dude in His Mid-30s. Can Weed Help Me at the Gym?
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For those hoping to make the gym a new habit, you might want to consider turning to cannabis if you haven’t already.  Used by a wave of trainers and gym members, cannabis is reported to help benefit in an array of physical and mental fashions. I had seen positive personal returns from using it when I returned to the gym in 2017 and 2018. During that period, smoking pot pre-workout helped me reach modest fitness goals, like running my first sub-10 minute mile and feeling less fatigue and soreness after workouts.  If pot helped a schlub like me, I wondered how many others, including high-performing individuals, were finding similar gains. During the pandemic, I kept up with the pot-fitness combo. But after a while, I often became distracted by something during my at-home bike and resistance band routines. If it wasn’t what was on TV or Spotify throwing me off, it was what was on my mind.  By late 2022, I needed a change and re-enrolled in my old gym. I wondered if I’d find similar results as before. Would cannabis help me with my workouts? Or would potless sessions lead to better outcomes? And more importantly, would either magically help me figure out how to adjust the ab machine properly?  I set out for answers in late November. The plan was to document my first month back at the gym, doing four workouts per week, two with cannabis and two without. I didn’t have a set regimen for how much cannabis I would consume before going to the gym. Often the amount varied depending on how much I had earlier in the day. But typically, I tried to take three to four hits from my one-hitter or vape pen 15 minutes before going to the gym. On non-cannabis-consuming days,…

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