Dry January: how cannabis can help cure the holiday hangover

Dry January: how cannabis can help cure the holiday hangover
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The holidays can be a boozy blur of celebratory bevvies and festive cheer. But an almost month-long drinking binge can result in a hangover of whole-body proportions. Could cannabis help drink-lovers take a break from the tipple this Dry January?  Whether it’s sparkling wine at the office party or festive G+T’s with friends, the holiday season is often synonymous with well-deserved indulgence. One 2019 survey suggests that in the UK, almost two-thirds of drinkers imbibe more than usual throughout the month of December, and one in five experiences an excess of horrible hangovers.  Dry January — which also happens to be ‘Love your Liver’ month in the UK — is an opportunity to shake off the holiday haze and give your body and brain a break from booze. It can also be a time to reflect on the many (quite serious) dangers of drinking, the reasons why we drink in the first place, and if cannabis could be part of the semi-sobriety equation.  According to the charity Alcohol Change UK, Dry January is the result of one woman deciding to quit drinking to prepare for a half-marathon and experiencing almost immediate health benefits including increased energy, better sleep and weight loss. The Dry January campaign began with 4,000 participants in 2013, and grew to an estimated 130,000 people in 2022. Explore why cannabis is now considered a healthier (and safer) alternative than alcohol and discover some tips on how cannabis can support a low-to-no alcohol lifestyle this Dry January (and beyond).     Alcohol vs cannabis: the science behind an age old debate Alcohol and cannabis are two entirely different substances with vastly different chemical profiles, yet they are often lumped together under the category of ‘vice’.  A wealth of scientific evidence links alcohol use to harmful outcomes like cancer,…

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