A Day in the Life of an L.A. Club Comic

A Day in the Life of an L.A. Club Comic
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Yo, whats good world? I’m stand-up comedian Steve Furey. I was approached by the High Times weirdos to show you what a day in the life of a comic looks like; and especially, what it’s like doing stand-up in Los Angeles. Now, why would they ask me this? Who the hell am I, and why would they think I’d be able to answer this question? Well, I moved to L.A. from Sacramento 7 years ago, after starting stand up in 2012 at 22 years old. Since moving to Los Angeles, I have been passed (sending in weekly avails so you can do sets at the clubs) at The Hollywood Improv, Westside Comedy Theater, The HaHa Comedy Club, The Ice House, and The World Famous Comedy Store. I have been on tour with Pablo Francisco, John Witherspoon, Annie Lederman, Bobby Lee, Andrew Santino, and I just got off a two year arena tour with “The Machine” Bert Kreischer (fucking love that guy). Aside from the weed, weather, and women I think Los Angeles is the peak of the comedy community, and I want to give y’all a glimpse into an L.A. comic’s life. So come get high with me as we run amuck in the Southland. 9:45 – Wake up. Some kid throws fire works outside my apartment window. He normally does it during the night. Now it’s in the morning. Progress, I guess? 9:55 – Feed that cats. This must be done as early as possible, or I feel they may revolt and come for my eyes. Gotta keep Hali and Eevee happy, for my eyes’ sake. 10:00 – For breakfast I want French toast, 3 eggs and bacon. But my fat ass needs to be healthy for this new year, so we are doing two plain scrambled eggs. Starting…

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