Built By Girls, Powered By Plants, Made For Everyone

Built By Girls, Powered By Plants, Made For Everyone
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Cannabis legalization is leading to more experimentation around the ways we consume cannabis. With so many options out there (good and bad), it’s refreshing to know some companies truly care—companies that are dedicated to creating the healthiest product possible. TribeTokes is one such company. Founded in 2017 by CEO Degelis Tufts Pilla and CMO Kymberly Byrnes, the health-focused brand creates Delta-8 THC products for people seeking a relaxing experience that feels less “heady.” Pilla and Byrnes launched the company out of their own desire for a vapable cannabis product that didn’t irritate the way flower smoke often can, without sacrificing what they love about cannabis flower. No Frills or Fillers Since Colorado legalized cannabis back in 2012, it seems like we went from special brownies being somewhat of a kitchen science fair, to well-labeled gummies that could leave you feeling anxious if you ate more than half. However, even well-labeled packages can be misleading if the cooks aren’t properly testing the product with each batch from harvest to the moment it’s packaged and sent out.  All the ladies at TribeTokes (and COO Greg Pilla, Degelis’ husband) watched as many vapes contained harmful materials, including heavy metals, Vitamin E acetate, fillers and other additives not intended for smoking. They’ve been working closely with farmers and chemists alike to put out a healthy array of CBD and Delta-8 THC products without any of the unnecessary additives. All laboratory analysis for TribeTokes products are available on their website under the About Us tab.  “To us, cannabis is a wellness category, so there is no place for unhealthy fillers in vapes, pesticides in flower, high fructose corn syrup in edibles, or artificial fragrances in topicals,” Pilla told Cannabis Now. “We started with clean vaping because it was such an obvious problem to tackle in the industry.” …

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