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The best pre-rolls in California in 2023

The best pre-rolls in California in 2023

Pre-rolls are a great way to try a bunch of different strains and brands without breaking the bank. Consider them trial smokes before committing to buying an eighth. And in California, there’s no shortage of pre-roll options. Some are quality smokes, while others are complete trash that should have never seen the light of day. For those searching for the former, here are some of the best pre-rolls in California right now. Find deals on pre-rolls on the Weedmaps app How we chose the best pre-rolls in California Our standards for determining the best pre-rolls are based on the complete smoking experience: flavor translation, smokability, consistency amongst different strains, and lastly, is the weed fire? Flavor: Weed can look and smell good in the jar, but when that flame hits the flora, those terpenes can deliver a grassy or cardboard taste that makes you wonder why you just dropped $10 – $20 on a single joint. The best quality cannabis flower and joints should offer both distinct and subtle flavors that are dynamic and unique to the strain.Smokability: If your joint is harsh and burns your throat or makes you cough throughout smoking it, it’s not a good pre-roll. In fact, it’s not good weed. The brands listed below should protect you from that experience.Consistency: Consistency is about two things: 1) If you buy a strain from a particular brand today and then again in four months, will the quality be as good as you remember? 2) If you buy various strains from this brand, will there be more positive than negative experiences when it comes to liking the flower and pre-rolls? The brands below are known for putting out good weed in a variety of flavors so you can always find something worth your money.Is the weed fire? When the combination of the smoking experience, flavor, and effects…

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