40 Under 40: The Superstars, Power Players and Top Cannapreneurs

40 Under 40: The Superstars, Power Players and Top Cannapreneurs
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The Cannabis Now “40 under 40” honorees for 2022 have collectively moved the needle in some significant way in the US impacting millions of prospective consumers. Be they artists, politicians, marketers or business executives, the honorees embody their generation’s all-in approach to cannabis: There’s no time like the present. Given the work ethic and passion on display on this list, the future of cannabis looks bright indeed. Read on to learn why these superstars, power players and cannapreneurs earned a place on our 40 Under 40 honorees in 2022. Berner on Fire: Cookies & Dough With Berner’s big New York City moves, the mogul turns towards the future. READ MORE. Oh, To Be Wiz Khalifa The busiest celebrity cannabis CEO is focused on the prize. READ MORE. Brett Stevens Lights It Up As Fohse earns the no.19 ranking of fastest-growing private companies, the lighting juggernaut’s leader says he’s just getting started. READ MORE. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez The youngest woman serving in the US Congress has also been a fervent cannabis advocate. READ MORE. Ankur Rungta After cutting his teeth as a corporate lawyer and investment banker in New York City, Rungta applied that knowledge to cannabis. READ MORE. Kassandra Frederique Frederique is the executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a national nonprofit organization that works to end the War on Drugs. READ MORE. Jared Mirsky Mirsky has been crafting, creating and cultivating cannabis brands since launching his award-winning advertising agency in 2009. READ MORE. Jessica Gonzalez Cannabis and trademark attorney Gonzalez became New Jersey’s first cannabis professor in 2021. READ MORE. Alex Levine Just a teenager when he first started working in legal cannabis back in 2010, Levine has spent his entire professional career in the cannabis industry. READ MORE. Alexander Farnsworth The 30-year-old cannapreneur calls his weed store “a…

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