What We’ll All Be Talking About in 2023

What We’ll All Be Talking About in 2023
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Responses to consumer desires, including product innovation, demands around increased environmental and social responsibility, and impressive progress in global legalization will continue to shape the cannabis landscape in 2023. Look out for these top five influential developments that just may be the buzz of the industry in the coming year. CupCakes, a preformed bowl that’s ready to pop into a pipe or bong. Exciting New Category: The Pre-Bowl by CupCakes The hottest topic of conversation in 2023 could be the introduction of a brand-new category, the Pre-Bowl, a ready-to-light pre-formed bowl designed to fit perfectly in most cannabis smoking devices. Created by Colorado company CupCakes, the Pre-Bowl is an innovative new delivery method to eliminate the hassle, mess and inconvenience of grinding and loading flower into your pipe or bong to give the consumer the same experience every time.  “Not only does our product deliver our consumer a better experience, but it provides cannabis manufacturers and cultivators a brand-new outlet for their flower,” says Jason Santos, CupCakes president and co-founder.  Ciro, the environmentally-friendly bong cleaner. Environmentally Friendly Tech: Ciro Bong Cleaner In response to consumer demand, environmentally friendly cannabis products will surely become a focal point in 2023. Using patented proprietary technology, Humboldt County, CA-based Laura Costa and Cara Cordoni created Ciro, the fastest, easiest, most eco-friendly way to bring your dirty bongs, pipes and other glassware back to sparkling newness. “The cannabis industry is loaded with waste,” Costa says. “We have created something that eliminates a lot of something else, like plastic waste and harmful chemicals.” Ciro is a sleek and compact cleaning appliance made from recycled and biodegradable materials. No more nasty, weird-smelling chemicals and single-use plastics. Goodbye dirty chemicals, hello clean chemistry.  Cannabis prisoner reform campaigner Craig Cesal (right) with RAW Founder Josh Kesselman. Social Justice: Cannabis Prisoner…

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