Court in France Tosses Out Ban on Hemp Flower

Court in France Tosses Out Ban on Hemp Flower
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Not only is CBD legal in France, but hemp flower as well, if the latest court ruling in the country stands. French outlet RFI reports that On 30 December 2021, the French government legalized the sale of hemp-derived products containing CBD with 0.3 percent THC or less, after the country’s ban on CBD fell apart a year earlier. However—potentially to the dismay of D8 and hemp flower lovers—the government also banned the sale of hemp flower, citing its supposed psychotropic effects. But a high court in France overturned that ban, ruling that CBD has not been proven to be harmful and that there are legitimate uses for flower that go beyond smoking.  On December 29, France’s Council of State, the body that advises the government on legislation and acts as a type of Supreme Court, ruled that a general and absolute ban on the marketing of the substance in its raw state was “disproportionate.” They also didn’t find solid evidence of harm from CBD. If anything, there’s evidence of the contrary. “The harmfulness of other molecules present in cannabis flowers and leaves, in particular CBD, has not been established,” the council said. The council added that evidence suggests CBD has “relaxing properties and anticonvulsant effects, but does not have a psychotropic effect and does not cause dependence.” In other words, the court ruled that hemp flower should not automatically be categorized as psychotropic—rather it’s far from it. Additionally, it can be consumed as a homemade tea or infused oil and not just smoked. Homemade tinctures or vaporized flower are other considerations. L'UPCBD a le plaisir de vous informer que le Conseil d’Etat a, par arrêt de ce jour, prononcé l’annulation de l’article 1er, II de l’arrêté du 30 décembre 2021, qui prévoyait l’interdiction de la vente des fleurs et feuilles brutes de chanvre…

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Source : Court in France Tosses Out Ban on Hemp Flower

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