Brett Stevens Lights It Up

Brett Stevens Lights It Up
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A poster of a Lamborghini on his childhood wall says all you need to know about Brett Stevens. The man knows  what he wants and gets it done. The CEO and co-founder of Fohse, the white-hot lighting company that has wowed the cannabis industry and made Stevens nothing short of a rock star, drove up to his office on his day off in a $550,000 silver Lamborghini with his girlfriend. Somehow pulling off the look consisting of turquoise shorts, brown sandals and black Fohse T-shirt, the not-quite-yet-40-year-old isn’t resting on any laurels. Despite his undeniable success at Fohse, he still puts in the time and clearly wants more. Stevens came into an industry that was pre-set and showed how it could be done differently with best-in-class standards and the results are self-evident: Cannabis growers seemingly cannot get enough of Fohse lighting for cultivation. Calling itself the future of horticultural science and engineering, Fohse is the leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights that increase productivity from 30 to 60 percent. And Stevens isn’t stopping at cannabis. He and his team are developing technology that he expects to boost food production around the world. That, of course, would be a global game changer. Born on a military base, the son of a US Marine, the Stevens family, which consisted of nine siblings, moved from the sunshine of San Diego to an Iowa farm when he was ten. They raised pigs, cows, horses, ponies, chickens and grew wheat, hay and leased land for soybean production. Stevens grew up with a strong work ethic crystalized by his ritual of getting up at 5am during his middle school and high school years to clean pig pens and any number of farm chores. In the summer months, Stevens worked in the fields. Stevens’ roots as an…

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