Cannabis Business Times’ Top 10 Articles of 2022

Cannabis Business Times’ Top 10 Articles of 2022

<![CDATA[It wouldn’t be December if we didn’t have another tumultuous year in the cannabis industry to look back on. In that way, 2022 did not disappoint.  With just a few U.S. states notching some cannabis reform wins, this was not the splashiest year in legalization history. But all progress is progress. Political winds in Washington, D.C., weren’t terribly strong, but it did seem like cannabis at least became a more meaningful point of conversation in the halls of the federal government. Whether we’ll see any action anytime soon is a different story. Elsewhere in the industry, challenges and hurdles rose up constantly. We spoke with growers and retailers and processors and business executives throughout the year to get a grasp on those issues (price compression, potency inflation, supply chain consternation), and a few of those stories made the list of our most-read articles of the year, which you’ll find below.  There’s more to come, surely. We’re confident that 2023 will bring even more highs and lows to the day-to-day grind of the industry. And we’ll be there to chronicle the news and relay the insightful perspectives and tips that help your business thrive in the midst of it all.  10. Ascend Wellness CEO Arrested, Charged With Domestic Battery   Abner Kurtin, now the former CEO of Ascend Wellness, was arrested Sept. 6 on a misdemeanor battery charge in Southern Florida. This headline made the rounds for a few weeks before that charge was dropped.  In the meantime, however, the public crisis prompted a leadership shakeup at Ascend.   Read more 9. Where Candidates Stand on Cannabis in All 36 Gubernatorial Races   Several state ballot measures stole the spotlight on Election Day, but a bevy of gubernatorial races also brought a bit of flair to the cannabis conversation in November. The CBT team rounded up details on…

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