A Road Tripper’s Dream: Meet Hyer, by G Pen

A Road Tripper’s Dream: Meet Hyer, by G Pen
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Are you one of those stoners that keeps their dab rig in the center console? We know your type – work, gym, beach, family function, kid’s birthday party, doesn’t matter. You’re dabbing in your car while everyone wonders where Uncle Matt went. Exhilarating and necessary as car dabs may be, they’re a huge pain in the ass. From finding a power source for your e-nail, to the dangers of using a torch in an enclosed space (please don’t ever do this); on-the-go glass use has historically been reserved for the bravest and most heady of connoisseurs. G Pen changed the narrative in 2019 with the launch of their flagship Connect, the first portable and self-contained concentrate vaporization product on the market at the time. With the launch of Hyer two weeks ago, G Pen takes their classic proprietary technology one step further with a dual-use, battery-operated vaporizer that works for dabbing and dry herb vaping (tank sold separately). Besting its predecessor—the original G Pen Connect—Hyer boasts a 6,000 mAh lithium ion battery versus Connect’s 850 mAh, in addition to the available dry herb tank attachment. Hyer’s sleek appearance and easy-to-use interface offers safe, consistent heat at five different temperatures and time settings and more than enough muscle to produce thick, billowing clouds. Courtesy of G Pen The Hyer Experience My coworker comes over to aid in the Hyer review process and we chit-chat about work for approximately 26 seconds before he busts out a thick, stout piece of purple-rimmed glass and some freshly acquired Cookies and Cream hash rosin by Kache, a Dank Czar brand. I unzip Hyer’s aesthetic AF hemp storage case and pull out the direction card. It’s easy enough to follow: select temperature, select time, and press start. With only three buttons and five small LEDs to…

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