UK|‘My son is proof medicinal cannabis works’: Alfie Dingley is now seizure-free and learning to ride a bike

Hannah Deacon became the first person to legally enter UK with cannabis oil to help her son Alfie, six (Photo: Hannah Deacon)

Alfie Dingley had his first epileptic fit when he was just eight months old. He was put on various anti-epileptic medications but nothing worked. Since then, his condition deteriorated and he typically had 150 seizures a week. A brutal attack would last up to 25 minutes. In the UK there are around 1,200 deaths related to epilepsy a year – and his mother Hannah Deacon feared her young son may become one of those statistics.

Alfie, now six, had been pumped with steroids his whole life that were making him aggressive and he would often hit his sister, Annie, three. His family feared she may have come to serious harm by the time he reached adult size.


Source: reposted by Cannabis News World . Original article by Claudia Tanner (1)

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