CBD Stopped My Anxious Spiraling


The first time I tried weed, I hated it. I’d heard tales of transcendent experiences where one tasted new tastes and heard new sounds, where you felt at peace and one with the universe. Me? I had just moved to Montreal. I was 18, drunk, and, in an attempt to impress a boy, smoked an entire joint. Throwing up on myself was the evening’s denouement.

As a control freak with hints of social anxiety, the experience put me off getting too high for a long time, but I continued to use small amounts for two reasons: I’m scared of pills, and, having had insomnia for most of my life, I quickly learned that weed helped me sleep. Still, I hid my use because of the stigma. While other substances like alcohol are normalized in American culture, weed hasn’t fully shed its stoner reputation. Knowing wine vocabulary means you’re refined and cultured; understanding terps means you’re a lost pothead.

Original article published April 22, 2018 at 12:00AM Source: https://ift.tt/2HDP74M


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