Canada|THIS → Meet the woman lighting up the way for cannabis justice

Hilary Black is tired. “Really fucking tired,” actually, she says. She’s been doing this—fighting prohibition, advocating for the rights of medical cannabis patients—for 21 years. And now she’s at the outset of an entirely new chapter: She is in charge of the social responsibility and patient advocacy arm of Canopy Growth Corporation, one of the country’s most prominent cannabis companies, as it’s on the brink of a legalization explosion.

So yeah, she’s exhausted. “It feels like I’ve done 40 years in 20 years’ time,” she jokes. Black is 41, and has spent virtually all of her working life fighting for the rights of medical cannabis users, from her early days with the BC Compassion Club Society (which she opened in 1997) through her 2015 hiring at Bedrocan and subsequent rising through the corporate ranks to her current role as the director of patient education and advocacy with Canopy.

Source: reposted by Cannabis News World . Original article by Kieran Delamont (1)

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