Berner on Fire: Cookies & Dough

Berner on Fire: Cookies & Dough
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He always does business in a black long-sleeve T-shirt or sweatshirt paired with matching black denim jeans. A gold chain hangs from his neck, and he occasionally throws on a white San Francisco Giants jersey for good measure. Rock solid, he’s clean shaven on top, but rocks a scruffy goatee on his face. It’s easy to mistake the world’s most successful cannabis entrepreneur for a villain from the Marvel universe, but Cookies founder Gilbert Milan, Jr., (Berner), is anything but that. He’s the legal industry’s shining example of how to do weed right. “I started this brand to have fun with it and just have access to medicine,” the San Francisco Bay area rapper and cannabis entrepreneur says, referring to his company’s cultivation, dispensary and popular apparel brand, Cookies. “When I look at it now, it’s kind of unreal, really hard to believe sometimes.” Launched seven years ago in San Francisco, Cookies got its name from the popular strain Girl Scout Cookies—a favorite for its high THC content and smorgasbord of rich terpene offerings. The essence of the then-32-year-old’s new cannabis brand was his undeniable passion for genetics and breeding new strains that produced flavors unlike anything American consumers had ever tried before. Berner had arrived. He says Cookies sourced from across the world—Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Spain—to produce groundbreaking strains such as Huckleberry Gelato, Powder Sugar and Undertow. The brand’s cult following buys apparel and paraphernalia to the tune of millions of dollars each year and the baby blue-colored Cookies logo is ubiquitous in legal states: 52 dispensaries and counting across the country. But the heart of the 39-year-old’s passion project is in genetics. Berner takes a joy ride. “My goal has always been to make sure there’s good weed around for the next generation,” he says. “There’s…

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