US|”People are looking for a natural route” First exclusively C.B.D. store opens in Lexington


C.B.D. oil is growing in popularity. It’s a natural alternative to traditional medicine. More and more people are learning about what it is, now that a new store opened in Lexington Tuesday morning. The C.B.D. Store is the only store in the Midlands to exclusively sell C.B.D., offering the oil in the form of candy, cream and even dog treats.

Experts say C.B.D. comes from a chemical compound in the cannabis plant, but unlike the plant that produces marijuana, it does not get people high. It’s essentially an anti-inflammatory.

“The THC is extracted from our product so there’s no THC, it’s not going to show up in a drug test,” said Store Manager Victoria Smiley. “It also helps with balancing out our mental state, helping with insomnia, anxiety depression, addiction, A.D.H.D.”


Source: reposted by Cannabis News World . Original article by Michelle Zhu



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