US|Bob Marley’s Son Is Making Award Winning Vegan Edibles

Julian Marley’s Vegan Cannabis Juju Royal Oil Awarded ‘Best Edible’

Julian Marley, British musician, entrepreneur, and son of Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley, has earned an award for the cannabis-infused olive oils launched by his brand, JuJu Royal.

JuJu Royal’s cannabis olive oils took home 1st place in the 4th Annual Best of Edibles List Award in two categories: Best Colorado Edible and Best Olive Oil. According to the company, its olive oils are created from a unique blend of THC-free CBD oil and extra virgin olive oil. Each two-tablespoon serving provides 30 milligrams of full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. The ingredient is said to help relieve pain and reduce anxiety, among other health benefits.

Julian Marley’s brand is committed to quality in every ingredient; the pesticide-free, non-GMO olives are grown in Arizona, where they are harvested and sent to be processed within 24 hours of being picked. The facility does not use any chemicals or industrial refining processes. JuJu Royal recommends its olive oil for drizzling over tomatoes, sauteing vegetables, or pairing with artisan bread and pasta.


Source: reposted by Cannabis News World . Original article by Kat Smith


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