Pulsar Sipper Takes Dabbing to the Next Level

Pulsar Sipper Takes Dabbing to the Next Level
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Dabbing culture has taken on a life of its own. The design and functionality of concentrate rigs have evolved to reach a broader appeal, resulting in a wide variety of devices suitable for heads and the haute couture elite alike.  The Pulsar Sipper is the perfect marriage of style and function. The futuristic device with a retro aesthetic is meant to be shown off and can be displayed as a piece of decor that’s more than meets the eye. Designed to appeal to the modern smoker and canna-curious alike, this one-of-a-kind vaporizer will have you reconsidering what it means to dab. Not your typical rig, the Sipper creates stunning plumes of vapor from your favorite concentrate or 510-thread cartridge with the touch of a button. The technology is truly unique, offering users a traditional dab without the torch (or the charred throat). A removable bubbler cup allows you to sip and share your dab, providing a smooth and elegant experience you have to see—and taste—to believe. As one of the first dual-function vape bubblers on the market, this stunning piece is changing the way people enjoy cannabis. Created by the vaping industry vets from Pulsar, best known for their APX Family and Pulsar RöK devices, the Sipper was an homage to the quintessential cannabis experience with a cutting-edge twist.  “We wanted to merge styles from the past and the future and entertained the concept of combining the retro style of a lava lamp with a modern luxury,” said Ben Dickert, marketing manager of Pulsar Vaporizers. “The ability to hold vapor and pass it around in a social setting is definitely appealing and made us seek out a way to create one never-before-seen vaporizer bubbler!” The Pulsar Sipper The Pulsar Sipper Experience, Explained The Sipper sets itself apart by creating rich…

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