Herbies Seeds Launches Five New Killer Strains

Herbies Seeds Launches Five New Killer Strains
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Christmas is still on the horizon, but Herbies Seeds already has truckloads of candies to keep your inner child occupied. What’s more, the Spain-based cannabis seed bank has expanded its in-house line of strains by adding some top-tier genetics that have stood the test of time. The five newly-released strains are Critical XXL, Critical XXL Auto, Northern Lights, Northern Lights Auto, and Sour Diesel Auto. These plants are bound to be a hit among growers. The THC content in this range reaches up to a staggering 27%, and some strains can break the scales with their bountiful yields. If you want to know what’s in there, read on and find out! Critical XXL: Potency Champ Courtesy of Herbies Seeds A classic variety now also bred by Herbies Seeds, Critical XXL is an established prizewinner. This herb is most famous for its extremely strong high that has won over the hearts and blown the minds of countless cannabis lovers. The mind-blowing part is no idle boast: with THC that goes all the way to 27%, Critical XXL is the most potent entry in this line-up. The effects hit more on the Indica side of the spectrum, leaving you deeply relaxed with a numbing body buzz, but they also produce a euphoric uplift like many hybrid strains. Critical XXL sports a strong lemon aroma with spicy notes, and works great as a nighttime strain. It can be especially helpful for those dealing with chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, and multiple sclerosis. This hard-hitting weed is easy to manage and can be planted both indoors and outdoors. If you give it proper care, it will reward you with resin-packed frost-covered buds in just 50-55 days after being switched to 12/12. The yields will make your eyes pop as they reach up to 1600 g…

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