2022 Recap: Top Cannabis Marketing Trends That Emerged

2022 Recap: Top Cannabis Marketing Trends That Emerged

<![CDATA[As the cannabis industry continues to emerge, brand differentiation is critical for new and existing operators.And this year, the cannabis industry saw differentiation in products and how they are marketed, as well as a focus on consumer education.© Courtesy of ParfittParfittCannabis Business Times spoke with Laurie Parfitt, CEO of LKP Impact Consulting, a fractional CMO firm, to discuss the top cannabis marketing trends that emerged in 2022 and the opportunities they provide businesses.1. Increased emphasis on product differentiation.Parfitt says the industry is starting to see companies focus on how they can differentiate themselves in the edibles space by creating different forms of delivery methods.“So instead of just doing the traditional gummy, now they’re looking at other methods of delivery that are still discrete and along the lines of an edible, but really create a differentiating point for them in the marketplace,” she says.For example, while chewables have become a classic form of edibles within the industry, companies are starting to segue into other delivery methods, such as cooking and baking oils, savory snacks, beverages, mints and hard candies, sublinguals (listerine strips) and more.  Specifically, cannabis-infused beverages exploded in popularity this year, and the market is poised for growth, Parfitt says.According to a Cannabis Beverages Global Market report, the U.S. cannabis beverage market is anticipated to reach $2.7 billion by 2027.“When we think about beverages, if you look at growth and investment, it’s really a rising star,” Parfitt says. “It’s a high investment, high growth area. … We’ve seen a proliferation of beverages across the country, and we’re starting to see it as a major consumption method going forward.”The market share of beverages has increased by nearly 40% in the U.S. and Canada since January 2021, according to a report released Nov. 18 from cannabis data company Headset, titled “Cannabis Beverages: Examining…

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