New Report Analyzes Medical Pot Patients’ Consumption Habits

New Report Analyzes Medical Pot Patients’ Consumption Habits
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A new report from New Frontier Data explores the necessity of understanding what medical cannabis patients are currently looking for and require in cannabis medicine. Entitled “From Doctor to Dispensary: A Complete Picture of Medical Cannabis Consumers,” the report analyzes data from a recently published consumer survey, which includes input from 1,874 medical cannabis patients. New Frontier Data argues that insurance companies could benefit the most from better understanding medical patients. “The Federal Schedule 1 status of cannabis means that it has no recognized medical value. At the same time, almost every state in the U.S. allows for some form of medical cannabis use,” the report states. “This contradiction has resulted in millions of medical cannabis patients with the approval to use cannabis by their state and their doctor, but no access to insurance reimbursement for this medicine, which is usually highly taxed.” Among the most common conditions that medical patients treat with cannabis is pain (47% of surveyed participants), followed by anxiety/panic attacks (22%), depression (9%), sleep disorders (9%), PTSD (7%), neurological disorders (6%). Additionally, 93% of medical cannabis consumers say that cannabis has helped them, with 57% saying that it significantly improved their medical conditions (while only 36% say that it only slightly improved their condition). Fifty percent of patients reported that they were currently using prescription drugs, mainly antidepressants (45%), muscle relaxers (27%), arthritis (23%), sleep (20%), and opioids for pain (17%). Over half of the patients also said that they have replaced some or all of their prescription medications with cannabis as well. The federally illegal status of cannabis is a roadblock for many parts of the industry, but opinions about cannabis are rapidly changing. “This information is especially useful to insurance companies who might view cannabis as a medicine with less potential harm and therefore…

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