3 Notable Cannabis Cultivation Techniques Growers Explored in 2022

3 Notable Cannabis Cultivation Techniques Growers Explored in 2022

<![CDATA[How does your company grow (its cannabis, that is)?This year, sustainable cultivation practices and in-house R&D efforts emerged as common trends that growers pursued, both in the U.S. and abroad.Here, three cultivators share which techniques they focused on in 2022 and what they may try going into 2023.1. Biodynamic FarmingPhoto courtesy of Stone Road FarmsCorwinLex Corwin, founder and CEO of Nevada City, Calif.-based Stone Road Farms, shared with Cannabis Business Times in January that the company, which grows cannabis in greenhouses and outdoors, uses elements of biodynamic farming.“Obviously, [we don’t do] all of the crazy stuff, like combining cow manure with llama poop and growing under a full moon,” he said at the time. “We don’t have time for all that. But [we implement] other things, like regenerative water practices [and] using living soil. Instead of using pesticides or synthetics, [we use] predator mites. [We make] our own compost teas.”Earlier this month, CBT caught up with Corwin about Stone Road’s cultivation techniques and found that the team is still implementing—and perfecting—biodynamic farming practices.“Basically, we’re just trying to close the loop and make as much of our nutrients as possible,” Corwin said. “It’s better both environmentally and cost-savings wise.”Stone Road composts as much as possible and sources ingredients to make compost teas, rather than purchasing ready made ones at the store. The company has used the same soil for the last six years and continues to improve its health and diversity to ensure it will continue to yield high-quality flower.“We’ve never used sprays, even the organic sprays that are usually plant-based pesticides,” Corwin said. “We’ve opted to just use predator mites and ladybugs. … It’s basically just setting up the systems and then it runs itself, giving it all the components that the plants need to thrive.”Stone Road chooses genetics that can…

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