Democrats Blew The Opportunity For Federal Cannabis Reform (Op-Ed)

Democrats Blew The Opportunity For Federal Cannabis Reform (Op-Ed)
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“While it was always likely going to be a bit of a long shot to pass something as comprehensive as full descheduling through the Senate, many of us at least hoped that other, more incremental marijuana reform bills would move forward.” Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director With the 117th Congress coming to a close, it is clear that Democratic leadership will not be able to deliver on their oft-repeated promises regarding cannabis reform. For the past two years, we have heard assurances from the likes of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and others that cannabis reform legislation would be a priority for them. In fact, just before Democrats captured a majority in the chamber, Schumer pledged that he would prioritize advancing marijuana legalization legislation, promising. “If I become majority leader, I put this [bill repealing federal marijuana prohibition] on the floor, and it’s likely to pass.” “If you believe in decriminalizing cannabis, the thing to do is vote for your Democratic Senate candidate because they’ll be part of my team to get this done,” Schumer said at the time. The American people had good reason to believe them. Support for legalizing marijuana among the general public remains around 70 percent; that percentage increases to over 80 percent among those respondents who identify as Democrats. Further, national polling data provided by Morning Consult and Politico determined that a majority of Democrats, African Americans and younger voters believe that federal action on cannabis should be among Congress’ “top” or more “important” legislative priorities. After the 2020 election, an election in which President Joe Biden had pledged to decriminalize cannabis and advance other related policy measures, the Democratic Party found itself in control of not just the presidency but also both chambers of Congress. With Schumer assuming leadership in the upper chamber,…

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