Former Congressmember, NBA Athlete Create Alternate Cannabis Banking Solution

Former Congressmember, NBA Athlete Create Alternate Cannabis Banking Solution
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Former Rep. Dan Donovan, who held his position as a New York House representative between 2015-2019, and former Indiana Pacers NBA athlete David Harrison, recently announced their partnership to create a new banking solution called Token HiFi. Donovan is taking on the mantle of Chairman, while Harrison is the company co- CEO and founder, in addition to Chief Strategy Officer and founder Chris Yim. The company’s goal is to offer a safe and reliable solution for cannabis banking. “Token HiFi is a new cannabis business membership that offers a digital asset and exchange platform to facilitate secure, valid, and trusted financial deposits and transactions for industries locked out of traditional banking services,” the company explains on its website. “Token HiFi’s patented B2B closed-loop digital asset transfer technology, known as DAVOS (Digital Authorization & Verification Operating System) is a convenient, safe, secure, and reliable encrypted utility token that acts as a value store and medium of exchange.” Potential business owners, once they receive a compliance ID from Token Hifi, can purchase coins for this system. The coins can be used to “pay, transfer, and exchange funds with suppliers and affiliated businesses,” using armored trucks and physical cash pick-up. Finally, customers will be able to receive the value of their coins “whenever they choose and at any time,” the website states. Although Token Hifi was founded in February 2022, the company has not yet officially launched. The former Pacer is no stranger to cannabis. In 2015, he spoke about his off-season cannabis consumption during his first three seasons with the Indiana Pacers (between 2004-2007), due to stress caused by working with then-coach Jim O’Brien. “It wasn’t in his game plan for me to succeed. Being around him was probably the worst time I’ve had in my life,” Harrison said. In the 2007-2008…

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