Damian Marley’s entry into British politics

The musician and medical marijuana farmer was invited to Westminster to discuss the legalisation of cannabis ahead of yesterday’s debate in the House Of Commons


Damian Marley is unapologetically vocal about his belief in the Jamaican saying that “herb is the healing of the nation”. What is somewhat less obvious, however, is that the musician would be invited to the Houses of Parliament to discuss the issue of medical marijuana legalisation here in the UK with the likes of MP Norman Lamb and Dr Frank D’Ambrosio, one of the US’s leading voices for medicinal cannabis policy reform. And yet this is precisely what happened last week, when Marley was called upon as an expert voice to take part in a symposium in Westminster in anticipation of the 6 July debate on the proposed bill of legalisation of cannabis (medicinal purposes) in the House Of Commons.


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