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Thailand Enters Legal Cannabis Industry

5,000 hectares within five years

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Chiang Mai, Thailand — (ReleaseWire) — 04/26/2018 — Thailand today entered the legal cannabis industry with the goal of answering the scientific research question: “Can Thailand create a export-focused cannabis industry that, within ten years, will add at least 1% to Thailand’s US$400 billion-dollar GDP?”

Thailand is cultivating the answer through the Thai Cannabis Project (the “Project”), a partnership between Maejo University, the Royal Project Foundation, and the Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC).

The Thai Cannabis Project will:

– Identify and breed cannabis strains that are high in CBD (cannabidiol), but contain <1% THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabis constituent that “gets you high”), as per the current laws of the Kingdom of Thailand;

– Develop an efficient, modular system of planting & harvesting mature cannabis flowers (outdoors and in greenhouses), under natural light year-round, and processing them into oils, extracts, and isolates;

– Duplicate that modular system, within five years, across 5,000 hectares (which is 12,000 acres – considerably more that California’s currently-licensed cannabis acreage);

– Develop export markets for its cannabis products, including products with even lower THC content;

– Supply Thailand’s research into the uses, applications, and production of cannabinoids and cannabis by-products; and to

– Expand the Project’s cannabis strains and product lines to include >1% THC when, and if, allowed by law.

“The mission of the Thai Cannabis Corporation,” said TCC’s CEO, Timothy Luton, “is to provide an excellent return to shareholders by partnering with Thailand’s farmers and scientific researchers to make, at high volumes and affordable prices, cannabis products that are Above Reproach™. With Maejo’s forward-thinking researchers and the Royal Project Foundation’s experienced contract farmers, we at TCC are committed to making Thailand a profitable link in the cannabis industry’s global supply chain.”

According to Dr. Vijit Thanormthin, Director of the Royal Project Foundation: “The mission of the Royal Project Foundation is to research and develop appropriate technology to sustainably improve the quality of life for Thailand’s highland communities. I quite agree with the Thai Cannabis Project.”

Rachel Zedeck, Director, Peterson Projects & Solutions (Thailand), said that “We have been operating for nearly 100 years in the field of logistics, quality, certifications, and risk management. We are excited to help the Thai Cannabis Project ensure that its policies, processes, and products meet the highest international standards.”

Jim Plamondon, TCC’s VP of Marketing, said that Thailand has a unique combination of advantages in cannabis production: its legality, tropical climate, stable economy, breadth of native strains, low costs, and diverse export industries. “Most importantly,” he said, “Thailand already exports cannabis-relevant products, such as packaged food & beverages, health and beauty products, and pharmaceuticals. Whether you grow cannabis, process it, package it, or make equipment for it, you can lower your costs by integrating Thailand into your global supply chain.”

Beau Whitney, PhD, Senior Economist, New Frontier Data, said “Being the first company in your niche to secure lower-cost suppliers is a competitive advantage; being the last is suicidal. My advice: be first.”

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