Study Finds up to 9% of Psilocybin, LSD Experiences Result in Flashbacks

Study Finds up to 9% of Psilocybin, LSD Experiences Result in Flashbacks
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Those who have used psilocybin or LSD may be familiar with the experience: The day following your trip, it’s back to reality, yet there are still glimmers of your previous day’s journey, a fleeting visual cue borrowing from the more intense hallucinogenic effects you just experienced. These spontaneously recurring, drug-like effects following hallucinogenic exposure are referred to as flashback phenomena; symptoms can include vision changes, mood changes and derealization/depersonalization. Those with persistent recurring flashbacks causing significant distress or impairment may have hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD), which is considered extremely rare. New research published in the journal Psychopharmacology further explores psychedelic flashbacks, with results from six placebo-controlled studies revealing that the phenomena occurred for up to 9.2% of participants after LSD or psilocybin exposure. The authors note that data and current knowledge on both flashbacks and HPPD is “very limited,” even though they are assumed to be among “the most relevant side effects of hallucinogenic drugs.” For the study, researchers analyzed data pulled from multiple clinical trials in order to better describe flashback phenomena and HPPD. Researchers used data from six double-blinded, placebo-controlled studies with a total of 142 participants aged 25 to 65. In total, 90 participants received LSD, 24 received psilocybin and 28 received both substances. The doses varied depending on the trial; participants received one to five LSD doses ranging from 0.025 and 0.2mg, and/or between one to two doses of psilocybin ranging from 15 to 30mg. Subjects were asked at each study session to report any adverse events since their last contact with the study team, and any event, including flashbacks, was recorded. All studies also included an end-of-study visit after the last study session, where all subjects were asked for the occurrence of flashback phenomena throughout the entire course of the study. Those who reported…

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Source : Study Finds up to 9% of Psilocybin, LSD Experiences Result in Flashbacks

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