Minnesota Governor Predicts State Will Legalize Marijuana ‘By May’

Minnesota Governor Predicts State Will Legalize Marijuana ‘By May’
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The governor of Minnesota says he expects the state to legalize marijuana “by May.” But the House speaker is tempering those expectations, putting the timeline for reform in the range of sometime in the next two years. Gov. Tim Walz (D) has been especially bullish about legalization since winning reelection during the November election, which also saw the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party take a slim majority in the Senate while retaining its control of the House. He’s previoulsy described the issue as a top priority that he hopes to see advance in the legislature as “one of the first items” to reach his desk in the 2023 session. “I’d say that by May, Minnesota will have gotten this done,” Walz told Semafor’s David Weigel a the new interview published on Friday. “I did think it would pass sooner, because I thought it was more of a libertarian issue.” He also spoke about the impact of third-party candidates who pushed a marijuana-focused agenda in past cycles—which some believe was intended to divert Democratic votes. The governor said “Republicans abused that” by putting in “stalking horse candidates with that [marijuana] party label.” “It cost us the Senate in 2020, and it nearly cost us this time. But I think we’ll pass it. We’ve been very deliberate about this,” Walz, who included funding for legalization implementation in his budget proposal this year, said. “We brought in folks from Colorado and Vermont, early in our administration. We asked: What would the regulatory regime look like? What would the revenue piece look like? What would the enforcement pieces look like? What about expungement of convictions? We put that into place, we’ve worked for four years to try and get it passed, and the senate Republicans wouldn’t do it.” He added that the “actual people advocating for legal…

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