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Hangover-Proof Beer Infused With THC and CBDs? Cheers!

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After a long, hard day’s work, the chance to enjoy a couple of cold ones sounds great. Not so great? The hangover, dehydration and other health downsides that can accompany alcohol.

So, what if you could enjoy a tasty craft brew that delivers a buzz without the headache?

That’s exactly what a San Diego startup called Cannabiniers, which manages cannabis brands, wants to deliver and is already advertising on YouTube.

In mid-July, its brand Two Roots Brewing will release five non-alcoholic THC and CBD-infused beer varieties in California and Nevada: a lager, a blond ale, a wheat, an India pale ale and a stout. Each will eventually be available in THC-dominant, CBD-dominant and hybrid 1:1 options.


Source: Hangover-Proof Beer Infused With THC and CBDs? Cheers!

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