Are CBD tampons right for you?

Are CBD tampons right for you?

Since the dawn of time, women everywhere have been trying to find ways for periods to be less painful. They’ve tried almost anything to ease their monthly pain, from acupuncture to heating pads, without much success. Let’s face it, painkillers and hot water bottles don’t always cut it. They barely take the edge off, especially if you experience debilitating period symptoms. However, thanks to some forward-thinking individuals, there is a new contender in town: CBD tampons. What are CBD tampons, and how do they work? CBD tampons resemble and feel like normal tampons, except for one important factor. Unlike regular tampons, CBD tampons contain – you guessed it – CBD. The key difference is that CBD tampons may provide pain relief by allowing a small amount of cannabidiol to be absorbed by the vaginal mucosa. The CBD then enters the bloodstream and gets to work fast. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system after it enters the bloodstream, triggering the natural cannabinoid receptors found in our body, which help reduce inflammation and pain, two of the most overwhelming symptoms of menstruation. So not only do CBD tampons do the job of absorbing blood during menstruation, but they may also provide some respite from intense symptoms. The benefits of CBD tampons Regrettably, there is no scientific research on the effects CBD has on period pain, which means there is a lack of sufficient evidence to determine whether CBD tampons are a successful treatment for it. However, what we do know is that there are countless studies highlighting the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBD, and there is a myriad of scientific evidence from this research that suggests CBD has the potential to help ease pain caused by a variety of conditions, such as arthritis and MS. Furthermore, the sheer amount of anecdotal…

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