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Billy Caldwell, 11, from Northern Ireland was the UK ‘s first person to be given cannabis oil until the Government stopped it. He now has just a two weeks’ supply of medicine left.

Time is running out for a desperate mother to keep her son from a fatal epileptic seizure after the Government ordered his doctor to stop prescribing him cannabis oil.

Billy Caldwell, 11, suffers from intractable epilepsy which means his horrific seizures can last for hours, and he must be pumped with medicine to stop them.

Billy from Country Tyrone, Ireland, became the first person to receive an NHS prescription for cannabis oil containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in 2017 after it was proven to dramatically reduce his seizures from as many as 100 per day.

He was first given the medical marijuana in Los Angeles where his mother Charlotte Caldwell took him for treatment, until a year ago.

When they returned to the UK Billy Caldwell doctor Brendan O’Hare continued with the prescriptions.

But when he informed the Home Office a year ago, they ordered him to stop.

Ms Caldwell is pleading with the Home Secretary to reverse the ban now that she has just 14 days’ worth of the oil left.

Source: Mother pleads with Government to return son’s cannabis oil | Daily Mail Online

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