Statik Selektah, Bun B, and Friends on ‘TrillStatik 2’

Statik Selektah, Bun B, and Friends on ‘TrillStatik 2’
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One of my literal homes away from home is Sweet Chick. The original location, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, is most definitely somewhere I go so often that I’ve eaten everything on that menu several times over. My extraordinarily cool and creative colleagues, a New York City-based collective known as The Good Life (led by photographer Craig Wetherby), were doing their legendary family dinner and domino night every Tuesday for what seemed like forever. Pre-legalization, this night and location was clutch for New York City stoners in-the-know, as the kitchen staff would pretend to not see groups of the homies walk past them and open the back door to blaze it up in our private smoking section.  Currently in New York City, the cannabis laws are progressive. We can smoke the loud wherever cigarette smoke is allowed, which makes this restaurant (owned by John Seymour, Kyle Martin, and hip-hop royalty Nas) the perfect spot for the creative vibes to flow. With that being said, it was no surprise to see that the beloved Sweet Chick LES location ended up being the official hub for a live streaming of the creation of TrillStatik 2— an entire album produced by Statik Selektah starring Bun B (of UGK) with special guests. The full project was recorded, mixed, and mastered in 24 hours and has been available on all platforms since Friday, December 9. Ironically, it has taken me longer to write about this album than it did for them to create it.  Photos courtesy of Erick Sasso. Statik Selektah happens to be one of my oldest friends. In his early years, I personally witnessed him rise within the hip hop ranks while making the pilgrimage to New York City from Boston as frequently as he could. Eventually, when DJ Drama and…

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Source : Statik Selektah, Bun B, and Friends on ‘TrillStatik 2’

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