Could a new technology improve the absorption and efficacy of CBD?

Could a new technology improve the absorption and efficacy of CBD?
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A biotech startup based in Poland is working on a technology which it claims could revolutionise the way CBD products are absorbed. Low absorption of CBD products in the body is a concern for manufacturers and consumers alike, as the level of absorption ultimately determines the efficacy of these preparations and their popularity. Healthcann, which was founded by three PhD students from the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science at Wroclaw University of Life Sciences, has developed a new technology which aims to improve the bioavailability of CBD. The proposed technology AdvanDrop is said to solve the problem of slow-acting and low bioavailability of active substances that do not dissolve in water, including cannabidiol (CBD). The therapeutic potential of many health and wellness supplements, including CBD, is largely untapped due to its very low bioavailability in the body after oral intake.  Healthcann cites statistics which say around a third of therapeutic and health-promoting substances that are currently available on the market could be characterised by low absorption.  Grzegorz Kielbowicz PhD, CEO of Healthcann, says: “The research we are conducting is about to start a new era in the area of prevention and healthcare. Our proposed technology AdvanDrop is expected to help treat chronic diseases more effectively, for example by improving the absorption of health substances. “The level of absorption is today an essential factor in determining the success and effectiveness of a drug or supplement on the mass market. The low level of absorption of many popular dietary supplements makes their consumption of negligible importance for human health.” Healthcann CEO, Grzegorz Kielbowicz   How does the technology work? In a statement, the company explained how this new technology works. A significant increase in the absorption of drugs and supplements into the body can be achieved through the use of lipid…

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