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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in cannabis and the hemp plant. Over the last years, this tiny little compound has made a huge impact on the world. Thanks to new research, we now know that CBD has a wide variety of health benefits and can potentially help manage a wide variety of medical conditions, especially those often affecting children, including epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and much more.

But regardless of the amount of research into CBD, people are still concerned about its safety when being used on children. In this article, we look at whether CBD is really safe for kids.


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It is among the most prominent compounds found in the plant and has received a lot of media attention in recent years.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. This means it doesn’t produce the iconic “high” or euphoria we traditionally associate with cannabis. The psychoactive effects of cannabis are predominantly produced by THC, a completely different molecule.

CBD was first discovered in the 1960s by Raphael Mechoulam. The discovery lead to a ton of further research into the molecule and other cannabinoids, including THC. Today, you’ll find CBD in low to medium concentrations in most regular cannabis strains.

Because the plant has mainly been used for recreational use, breeders have been focused on creating strains with high levels of THC to induce a strong psychoactive effect. However, this is slowly changing.

Thanks to new research into CBD, we now know that the molecule can have a wide variety of beneficial effects. For example, studies show that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and can also help manage symptoms like pain, seizures, and possibly even help fight the growth of tumours.

These findings have encouraged governments around the world to change their stance on cannabis, and especially CBD. Countries like Switzerland, The United States, and Canada have legalized cannabis and even sanctioned it as medicine for specific ailments.

These legislative changes have given rise to a huge demand for CBD products. In turn, cannabis breeders have realigned their focus to create strains that contain high percentages of CBD rather than just THC.

Today, many breeders and seed banks offer high-quality, stabilized CBD strains to help harness the potential of this powerful molecule.


In 2013, the story of Charlotte Figi rocked the entire world. Charlotte is a young girl from Colorado suffering from Dravet syndrome, a very rare form of infant epilepsy, which caused her to suffer from intense, sometimes hour-long seizures.

In 2013, Charlotte’s story made international headlines. After taking countless medications and suffering up to 300 seizures per week, Charlotte and her parents finally found relief thanks to a CBD-rich cannabis extract now known as Charlotte’s Web.


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