Cannabis Could Help People Recovering from Alcohol or Drug Addiction According to New Study

You’ve probably heard that cannabis is being used as a treatment for everything from concussions to epilepsy to really killer hangovers. Now, new research on CBD, the compound in cannabis that doesn’t make you high, indicates it might help people with drug and alcohol addictions.

For the study, scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego got a bunch of rats hooked on alcohol and cocaine, which made them anxious and impulsive, and then injected some of them with CBD. They found that the rats with CBD in their systems were less likely to relapse into alcohol or drug use over time, even when the scientists tempted them with it. Even when forced to deal with stressful surroundings, the CBD rats were less likely to seek out drugs.

Another interesting finding is that over time (about five months), the CBD rats were still less likely to relapse into alcohol use, even though all signs of CBD had vanished from their brains after three days.

There you have it: CBD helped cure rats of their alcohol and drug addictions. Who knows what it might to do for people? (Now’s a good time to point out the crippling opioid addiction epidemic in our nation, and that Jeff Sessions seems hell-bent on ridding the country of cannabis despite the good it might to do stop the crisis.)

So the next time your dad or annoying coworker tries to argue that weed will be the death of us, kindly point them to the nearest study on the matter.

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Source: Marijuana Could Help People Recovering from Alcohol or Drug Addiction According to New Study

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