Coffee Counters the Effects of Weed, Study Says

There has been some great ideas since legalisation kicked in the US and some of them involve mixing coffee and cannabis which sounds like a great idea at first.

However, some new scientific evidence might suggest that coffe and cannabis have a counter effect on each other. A new study published this week in the Journal of Internal Medicine  asked 47 coffee drinkers to give up the beverage for a month, only to come back to drinking between four and eight cups of coffee per day for the next month.

Samples taken from the subjects suggests that coffee suppresses the same endocannabinoid chemicals that are produced by the consumption of cannabis.

If this is proven to be true, it would suggest (though not confirm) that coffee could have the opposite effect as cannabis on this area of the central nervous system.

It might seem obvious to some that caffeinated coffee would more or less cancel out the effects of cannabis. But given that the study didn’t involve cannabis consumption (bummer), more research will need to take place in order to truly tease out the relationship between the two. Given the reputation that cannabis and coffee enjoy as appetite activators and suppressants, that could prove to be a very clear area to engage in research.

Is this the end of wake and bake ? I think it’s too early to tell.

But with a full 30 states allowing for either medical or recreational cannabis consumption, it’s perhaps inevitable that we’ll know more about the relationship between those two cherished substances soon enough.


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