As Congress Considers Cannabis Reform, Veterans Are Being Left Behind (Op-Ed)

As Congress Considers Cannabis Reform, Veterans Are Being Left Behind (Op-Ed)
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“Though the banking and equity provisions reportedly being considered by lawmakers in the year-end cannabis bill are important and life-changing for many, their inclusion alone is not enough.” By Nick Etten, Veterans Cannabis Project Over the past few years, our country has thankfully begun to leave many of its post-9/11 conflicts in the rear-view mirror. Unfortunately, a staggering number of our veterans are still dealing with the aftermath of those wars. Veterans returning from recent deployments suffer from PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety and depression and a litany of other issues. Older veterans are subject to chronic pain far more than the national average. And overall, veterans are twice as likely to die from an opioid overdose than their fellow Americans. Veteran suicide rates remain alarmingly high. A recent analysis released by America’s Warrior Partnership, in a joint study with the University of Alabama and Duke University, estimates the annual rate of suicide among veterans may actually be more than double the figures reported by federal officials due to undercounting related to drug overdose deaths, among other causes. Every day, we hear from veterans who have turned to medical cannabis as a solution to these problems. About how they use it as a form of therapy to wean themselves off the deadly opiates upon which they have come to rely after having been prescribed them by the Veterans Health Administration. We hear stories from struggling veterans who have found relief in the form of medical cannabis, but who are stymied at nearly every turn by a federal government and a nation they’ve given their lives to serve. Congress has a chance to help these veterans in need. Federal lawmakers are considering passing a legislative package focused on marijuana reform during the year-end lame-duck period. While the bill is centered around…

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