This Hemp Company Wants To Hire Growers With cannabis convictions 

A step towards true justice.


People with cannabis convictions on their record often have a difficult time finding gainful employment. Sure, a number of states have legalized cannabis . But pot offenders are often treated like pariahs when looking for work. It is for this reason that one hemp company wants to hire growers with cannabis convictions. The goal is to put their felonious talents to work in the legitimate medical cannabis industry.

Cannabis Convicts to Work in Medical cannabis

Hikurangi Hemp will hire workers with drug convictions. The company, which recently signed a deal to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis for Seattle-based Rhizo Science, says it only makes sense to employ those with experience growing cannabis .

Some of these workers will undoubtedly have pot-related blemishes on their criminal record. But Hikurangi Hemp considers this a feather in its cap.

“We’re pushing for people who have convictions for growing or supplying drugs, who are the real experts to be allowed to work within the [regulated] industry,” said the company’s co-founder Panapa Eha.

Last month, Rhizo Science hired Hikurangi Hemp to develop high CBD hemp.

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Source: This Hemp Company Wants To Hire Growers With Marijuana Convictions · High Times

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