Mohave Cannabis Co. Brings Good People, Good Weed, Good Times

Mohave Cannabis Co. Brings Good People, Good Weed, Good Times
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Mohave Cannabis Co. is renowned for producing premium, award-winning flower using a potent formula of quality phenos and optimal growing conditions. Through hard work and determination, Mohave has grown from a handful of employees into a successful multi-state operation (MSO) with a staff of hundreds.  You can also call them a legacy operator. Established before weed was legal, Mohave has been growing medicine for medical marijuana patients in Arizona and California for over a decade. With a focus on patient wellness, exceptional cannabis and giving back to the community, the company motto says it all: Good people. Good weed. Good times. Good People Founder Curtis Devine is as passionate about giving back to the community as he is about growing exceptional cannabis. Whether donating medicinal products to patients in need or rebuilding community baseball diamonds, Devine has woven his passion for helping others into the fabric of the Mohave brand.  At its core, Mohave Cannabis Co. is driven to inspire and empower those that join the family. By providing jobs, arranging community river cleanups, and donating to local nonprofits, Mohave proudly gives back to the communities it serves. This dedication is just one aspect that sets Mohave apart from other cannabis companies. The brand’s commitment to quality and consistency extends into how the plants are grown: Mohave’s premium cannabis flower is carefully hand-cured, trimmed and packaged by licensed cultivators who are considered some of the country’s best cannabis growers. Consistency is king for Mohave’s master growers who cultivate the finest flower at their three sophisticated grows along the Colorado river.  Good Weed Devine and his team are dedicated to growing nuanced and sophisticated cannabis while operating under the premise of providing good medicine to people at an accessible price point. Mohave Cannabis Co. measures its quality using three pillars: consistent…

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