Hash Haven: An Inside Look at Pusher Street in Christiana 

Christiana is a weird, mythical place on many a counter-culture citizens’ bucket list. A sort of Slab City meets San Francisco, or maybe more well described as a hippy commune with running water and electricity? Whatever your takeaway of this hamlet in Copenhagen—although residents would insist Christiana is not a part of Denmark or the European Union—it is certainly unlike any other place I have been.

Founded in 1971 as a squat on a defunct military base, there have been battles with the authorities as gentrification has sought to strangle another neighborhood. Fortunately, the residents were able to secure their land by buying it from the government, saving the communal project.

Christiana has fostered—until recently—a mostly tolerated cannabis market. Pusher Street in the Green Light District is famous for its stalls selling many varieties of weed and hash, and it’s undoubtedly the main attraction for many visitors.

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Source: Hash Haven: An Inside Look at Pusher Street in Christiana · High Times

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