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Madrid seems like every street, boulevard or park is simply made for people who enjoy smoking cannabis. The best thing is that cannabis is almost legal for personal use and there are many professional cannabis clubs where you can smoke without anyone bothering you. Here’s the brief guide to getting and smoking weed in Madrid.


Cannabis Laws in Spain: 

Spain laws are very light when it comes to consuming cannabis. The weed is legal to smoke and carry if it’s for personal use. People who get caught in trafficking face consequences in front of the law, but if you plan to relax a bit while exploring the city, then you will be fine. Also, there are cannabis clubs all over the city that acts the same as coffee shops in Amsterdam, except for you need a membership to enter. Everyone who is older than 21 years can join the club and smoke freely. The amazing thing is that you can buy the highest quality weed in the clubs and there is a huge choice between strains.

Where to Get Cannabis in Madrid:

You can get marijuana on streets of Madrid, and if you plan to get it that way, your safest bet is by exploring the beautiful parks, and you will certainly smell weed. If you don’t want to get weed from the street, there are many cannabis clubs around the city, so the easiest way to get it is by joining a club where you can relax, have your favorite beverage, hang out with friend and smoke many strains of highest grade weed.


Cannabis Prices: 

If you plan to get weed from the cannabis clubs, different menus are offering many strains. The average price starts at 10 euros per gram. If you’re buying on the street, you can expect to get a lower grade weed for the same price. Hash can be pretty expensive when compared to other parts of Spain, and the usual price starts at 15 euros per gram of nice brick of hash.

Other Information:

 People in Madrid are very open-minded, so they don’t see weed as something problematic. Cannabis lovers started the initiative of creating cannabis clubs all over the city where you can relax and hang out with friends while getting a nice high. You’ll have a great time in Madrid, but don’t think about selling weed as you can face major charges.

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