Only Busters Try To Disenfranchise the Heat

Only Busters Try To Disenfranchise the Heat
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We’ve now entered the era of legalization where the underperformers who took big money to get the ball rolling need to explain the numbers on things to Dad or an even wider array of angry investors. The promises of big money have proven true for few while the landscape is riddled with the corpses of other companies that had similar conquest plans for the marketplace. There are various reasons they might not have quality marijuana, but much of it will trace back to the points I noted in my last edition of WEIRDOS where I covered the finer points of The Croptober Crisis. The general premise there was a lot of great marijuana gets ruined after it’s chopped down, both indoor and outdoor. It’s just extra bad in October because so many people screw up their weed at once like a school of fish taking a left turn into a trash can.  But now we’re a couple of months removed from those hiccups and the excuses are drying up. By now, those in the worst shape realize it’s going to be tough. They need to start finding something to blame.  The first choice for many? The traditional market.  They argue that the market that has existed for 60 years is the reason their boof won’t sell. While in contrast, many of their most successful competitors came from that very market only to cut their piece of the pie in legal cannabis. The busters hate them the most due to the authenticity they see and know they’ll never need to buy. But even then, you’d never hear the numerous legacy operators that couldn’t survive the perils of the California marketplace blame the traditional marketplace they had emerged from for their problems. They blame taxes, crime, and overregulation, not the box going…

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