which glass blunts are the best 8 glass blunts worth checking out 155744

Which glass blunts are the best? 8 glass blunts worth checking out

Which glass blunts are the best? 8 glass blunts worth checking out
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Every now and then, you want simplicity with your weed. And that’s what you get by copping a glass blunt. They’re super affordable, easy to use, and perfectly portable for any time you step out of the house. Here’s what you need to know about glass blunts. What is a glass blunt? A glass blunt is a cylinder-shaped pipe that you fill with cannabis flower, like a blunt wrap. In some ways, it’s essentially a chillum that you fill with ground cannabis flower instead of just packing the top. When you smoke glass blunts, you push or twist the cashed flower from the top until you’ve smoked as much as you want. There are a few different types of glass blunts and they mostly fall under “slider” or “twisty” glass blunts. Find glass blunts near you on the Weedmaps app The benefits of glass blunts The many benefits of using a glass blunt include portability, a tobacco-free experience, affordability, and the smooth flavor you get from hitting a nice glass piece. If you’re a flower smoker, regardless of your preferred method, you should still have a glass blunt available for those quick-and-easy occasions. Especially when there are so many different brands that make excellent glass blunts. To learn more about the benefits of glass blunts and how to use one, check out our guide to using a glass blunt. How we chose the best glass blunts When choosing the best glass blunts, we based our findings on flavor, ease of use, durability, and the overall convenience of using (and cleaning) the piece. Flavor By “flavor” we mean that you can smoke the piece and taste your flower’s terpenes instead of that weird burnt taste that comes from using a filthy pipe. That defeats the overall purpose of consuming different cannabis strains, even if…

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